A Linen Suit is a Warm Weather Staple

A Linen suit might be the ultimate warm weather sartorial staple. Light, airy and breathable, the natural fibre makes for a breezy option that will see you through summer and even those really hot days and nights that sneak in as autumn approaches. It’s one of the oldest woven fabrics out there, having been in use since ancient Egypt, and a classic material for shirts and suits alike.

Linen doesn’t restrict you like silk might when it comes to colour, either. Pastel shades and more eccentric hues feel right at home painted across linen tailoring, although it’s best to avoid linen suits for funerals, black tie events and the like.

Unlike cotton, linen does love to crease. However, it’s a trait that should be embraced rather than shunned, as rumpled linen looks effortlessly chic. It gives the impression of a suit that’s been worn and loved in, adding a roguish charm that might otherwise be lacking.

Linen suits should be paired with equally easy-going accessories. Shirts with a patterned finish work well, as do simple cotton ties with a slub effect and a contrasting pocket square. Shoes should also be kept simple; loafers and brogues in neutral tan or brown colours work best, though a pair of sneakers is always on-trend and will help to give your look an extra casual edge. Linen suit

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