BB Guns

BB guns shoot plastic or metal pellets (called bb’s) at high velocity. These non-powder guns are not toys and can be dangerous if misused. They can be used for target practice, firearm training, or as a way to teach kids safe gun handling and shooting in a supervised environment. Some people use BB guns as a form of recreational plinking, or to humanely and safely control pests around their homes or farms.

Many people confuse BB guns with airsoft guns, but there are major differences between the two. BB guns are used in a more casual manner and for recreational target shooting, while airsoft is a simulated military or sports training activity that involves organized games and competitions.

Most BB guns are powered by compressed air, either from a spring or pneumatic design. The compressed air is stored in a small gas container inside the gun until you pull the trigger, which opens the valve and forces the air out behind the BB at high velocity.

Several different models of BB guns are available, including break-barrel, spring air, pre-charged pneumatic, and CO2 power designs. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but all use the same principle of pushing out the gas to propel the BB forward at great speed.

HAM tested the Umarex Legends P365 BB pistol and found it to be an excellent replica, with an impressive average muzzle velocity of 298 FPS using steel BB’s. It also comes with a well-written and illustrated manual, a substantial 1/4-Inch Allen wrench, and a pack of steel BB’s to get you started. bb guns

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