How Small Business Owners Can Benefit From the Services of a Resume Writing Professional

A resume is a critical document that can open doors to new opportunities. Writing one well requires expertise in using a variety of techniques to highlight skills, qualifications and accomplishments. Even a small business owner can benefit from the services of a professional resume writer to improve his or her own résumé. Getting certified as a resume writer is an important step to becoming a professional in the field. A reputable certification organization offers tests to help writers demonstrate their knowledge and provides resources to help them build a portfolio of work.

Writers can use a variety of online sources to get ideas on how to construct a resume. Some sites offer templates that are based on the same format as those used by hiring managers. Others provide information about the latest trends and changes to formatting, phrasing and keywords within a specific industry. Look for examples of resumes from recent job seekers to see what types of information is typically included in a good resume.

Some resume writers specialize in certain industries and may have insider knowledge about the hiring standards within those fields. They can often recommend unique phrasing, words or phrases to use that will make an applicant stand out from the competition.

Many resume writers are self-employed, and they can market their services by creating a website that includes their contact information and a portfolio of past work. Some have blogs that include weekly or monthly tips for job seekers. This savvy marketing helps them to establish credibility as experts in their fields and can lead to new clients. resume writing professional

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