How to Paint a Tree Canvas Painting

Whether in fall colors or snow-covered pines, tree canvas paintings add natural serenity to your wall art decor. Our collection of framed and unframed tree art prints are made from high-quality cotton canvas that’s stretched and wrapped around sturdy wooden bars. You’ll love the way they dress up your walls with their clean lines and polished aesthetic.

Trees offer an excellent opportunity to explore shape and contours. Compared to shrubs or hedges, they create much larger, more complex shapes that can act as focal points in your composition. They also make great subjects for exploring perspective. From a distance, large numbers of trees unite into solid shapes that can anchor your composition (see Oak, Lit by the Sun below).

If you’re painting a dark tree, start with your darkest green. Load your brush with the darkest green paint and use your fan or flat brushes to “dab” foliage onto the trunk and branches of your tree. Be sure to leave enough of the dark color showing through to act as shading.

Once you’ve painted your dark green, you can begin to add the mid-tones. If you’re using a yellow-green, you can use your palette to mix it from a tube or you can simply mute the existing color with either a blue or a yellow. For example, mixing Ultramarine Blue and Cadmium Yellow Light gives you a dark green that’s close in tone to the shadow shape of your tree line. tree canvas painting

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