Low Cut Shirts Reveal Your Decolletage

Shirts, crop tops and sweaters with plunging necklines that reveal your decolletage.
You’ll have a hard time finding a women’s clothing store that doesn’t stock at least one or two pieces with a plunging neckline. If you’re not comfortable with showing your boobs (or cleavage), it’s easy to hide them with a layering trick or even just wearing your bra straps over your arms. But what do you do when the cut of a blouse or dress exposes too much? It turns out that a little sewing hack might help.

The secret to covering up a low-cut armhole or neckline is simple: just attach a bandeau bra or tube top over your bra. Whether it’s a pretty lace or simply a neutral color, this extra layer provides coverage without adding too much bulk. It’s also a great option for strappy tops that leave your shoulders or back exposed — just slip it on underneath the dress or blouse, and no one will know you’re not wearing a regular tank.

The best part? You can find these types of tops in every price range. From the waffle knit of this Dellytop top to the draped V-neck of this Viracy crop, there are so many styles to choose from. And, if you really want to get fancy, you can even sew your own. But we’d recommend keeping a few safety pins in your purse for emergencies — just in case you need to fasten something together on the fly. Low Cut Shirts

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