POS Hardware and Software for Accepting Payments

Whether you sell hot jellies at a farmers market or CBD sleep aids for dogs, you need a digital point of sale (POS) system to accept payments. POS systems combine hardware, software and payment processing services to make it easier for customers to buy from you and help your business grow.

The type of POS hardware you need depends on your type of business and the types of payments you take. If you’re a pop-up that does local deliveries, you may not need more than a mobile card reader and smartphone with an Internet connection. Alternatively, you might need a POS terminal that’s compatible with the card readers your credit card processor provides. Generally, these card readers plug into your device or connect wirelessly to the POS system. They can accept swipe, chip and contactless payment.

In addition to the POS terminal, you need a printer for your receipts. Some POS devices have built-in printers while others rely on external ones. Make sure the device you choose has a high printing speed and supports multiple connectivity options such as USB, ethernet, serial and wi-fi. You should also check if it has dynamic descriptors, which automatically change the merchant description on the customer’s receipt according to the payment method used.

Check if your POS solution provider offers training sessions to help you and your team learn the system. They should also provide support articles, step-by-step guides and other resources that will be useful for you. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye out for new features and updates to improve your solution’s performance. pos device payments

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