Types of Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns are a great way to have fun while improving hand-eye coordination, focus and endurance. It also improves mental health by challenging the brain to think on its feet and quickly come up with strategies for a given situation. It also increases social interaction and can be a great way to make new friends. If you are a little shy or find it difficult to socialize, playing airsoft can help you overcome these issues and develop leadership skills.

The most common type of airsoft gun is the AEG, a spring-powered airsoft pistol or rifle with a rechargeable battery, internal gears and pistons that facilitate the shooting mechanism. This allows for the use of a wide variety of accessories and parts for modification, making them popular with advanced players. They are a little more expensive than low-end spring guns, but offer a much faster rate of fire and higher accuracy, especially when used with an upgraded hop-up system.

AEGs are commonly available in different styles to match the weapon they are designed to mimic. For example, there are AK or Kalashnikov-style rifles, M16 or M4 carbine-style guns and even a few sniper rifles with a futuristic look. The use of a gas source like HPA (High Pressure Air), C02 or BBs can add to the authenticity and realism of the experience. However, these guns often have a limited amount of power and accuracy and should only be used as secondary weapons. airsoft guns

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