What Is a Point Spread?

A Point spread is a way to bet on sports that adjusts the odds of two teams by adding or subtracting points to account for differences in talent. In most team sports, there are a few key factors that go into the creation of a Point spread including team strengths, home field advantage, player injuries and more.

In the case of a team with a large fan base, for example, their point spread may be higher than others simply because of the amount of money that fans place on them. These numbers are often based on predictive algorithms, and are usually offered in advance of the game, but they can shift throughout the day as more bettors put money down on one or the other.

The most common type of bet is on a team to win the game by a margin that is GREATER THAN the point spread. This is known as “covering the spread,” and it’s what most bettors hope for when placing their wagers.

On occasion, a team will be so evenly matched that a point spread isn’t needed, and the game will be listed as an even or “pick ’em” bet. This is because the teams are viewed as equal in terms of strength and that means neither side is likely to win by a large margin.

You’ll also notice a number next to a point spread, and it will be a -110 number at an American sportsbook or +1.91 at a European book. This is the vigorish, or betting juice, and it’s how sportsbooks make their money by charging bettors to place their wagers.

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