What Should You Expect From a Boiler Service in Chelmsford?

There are so many reasons why it is crucial to have your boiler serviced on an annual basis. Of course, you will want your boiler to continue working efficiently so that you can keep enjoying the best performance and value for money from it, but there are more advantages than these.

Boiler servicing can help to save money on future boiler repairs, for example, by enabling minor issues to be identified and fixed at the earliest possible stage, while businesses are also legally obliged to ensure their gas appliances and installations remain safe for use.

But if you are looking for a boiler service in Chelmsford, what are the basics that you should expect?

Gas Safe registration is absolutely crucial

There are few things that we feel the need to emphasise more than the importance of only using a Gas Safe registered heating engineer for your next Boiler Service In Chelmsford. The Gas Safe Register is a register of qualified gas engineers who you can trust to work on your boiler in accordance with the highest standards of gas safety.

It is difficult to be specific about what your boiler service should involve, given the differences between different boiler models, except that it should be undertakenin line with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Nonetheless, as a rough guide, if your boiler is a standard efficiency (SE) one, you can expect a wide range of preliminary checks to be carried out, including a visual inspection of the appliance, a tightness test and checks of the mains bonding, flue guard, burner seals and electrodes. These are naturally just a few of the key areas.

Then, there is the service itself, which should cover such elements of your boiler as its burners, burner pressure, pilot flame, thermostat and door seals. Flue flow performance checks, spillage checks and high and low-level ventilation checks are also typical for solution of such problems. emergency plumbers near me

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