Spider-Man Miles Morales Costume

As fans of Marvel’s Into the Spider-Verse animated adaptation know, Miles Morales is a multidimensional hero who lives in Harlem. The game’s version of the character (voiced by Shameik Moore) will get a new outfit to wear as he fights crime in his hometown. This padded jumpsuit and fabric mask are designed to look like the suit the character wears in the film.

When he first got his powers, Miles was wearing a knockoff Spider-Man suit that everyone, including himself, agreed was in poor taste given Peter Parker’s death. He eventually received a proper suit from the Ultimate Universe’s Nick Fury, and this version is based on that one.

The Red Spectre suit is a new variant of the character’s normal suit, but it adds a hood and silver spider symbol to his chest. When he wears this, a new hairstyle also appears on his head. The Encoded suit ditches most of the red coloring, going for a techy look instead. After completing a series of Roxxon Lab and Underground Hideout challenges, Miles can unlock the Carnage Doppelganger suit. This one looks a bit like a Spider-Man clone, resembling a symbiote suit with an enlarged logo, long legs that stretch in all directions and split at the feet, and spiked eyes that extend out of the mask.

After completing several Harlem-based side missions, the citizens of the neighborhood will create this special suit for Miles. It looks almost identical to his classic suit, but it’s all black. The web pattern and spider emblems are gold, and his fingers have additional downward arrows on them. Spider-man Miles Morales Costume

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